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      Dr Robyn

      We’ve talked on our lives about how “lifestyle interventions” (diet and exercise) are the best ways to treat many diseases. The body will heal itself when given the tools to do so. But many (I would wager most) doctors aren’t telling people about the benefits of moving towards and being plant-based. Why?

      There are are few reasons.

      1 – They simply don’t know. Doctors are not given any real nutrition training in school. What is labeled “nutrition” is actually the biochemistry of how food is processed (It frustrates me immensely that doctors give advice on something they know nothing about).

      2 – They aren’t plant-based themselves and feel they can’t recommend something they aren’t doing.

      3 – They don’t think people can/will do it. My doctor is a great example of this. She told me that I am one of only two people in the world who has the ability to eat this way (I guess Russ is the only other person in the world – that is sarcasm)

      So when someone says, “Well my doctor said…” a wise question is, “How much schooling does your doctor have in nutrition?” (that is a good question to ask your doctor as well)

      This video from Doctor Gregor on the topic is interesting.

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