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      Dr Robyn

      Our workout patterns get tweaked now and then just depending on how we feel, if we want to change things up or sometimes just because. We are at the gym five days a week usually working our for +/- 75 minutes. I’ve listed a couple different workout variations.

      Russ options one:
      Day 1: Chest, biceps, abs
      Day 2: Shoulders, Triceps, calfs
      Day 3: Back, Abs
      Day 4: Legs, calfs

      10 minute cardio blast when I can fit it in.

      I do abs or calfs on alternate days.

      Russ option 2
      Day 1: 10 minute cardio blitz, Back, arms, calfs
      Day 2: 10 minute cardio blitz, Chest, shoulders, Abs
      Day 3: Legs
      Day 4: Repeat cycle (this rotates every week which means that next Monday I would be doing Day 3)

      Dr Robyn option 1
      Monday: Legs
      Tuesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
      Wednesday: Cardio (usually biking or rowing. on rare occasions, swimming)
      Thursday: Back and Biceps
      Friday: Cardio

      Abs get added in wherever they fit. I aim for 2-3 times a week.

      Dr Robyn option 2
      Day 1: Chest
      Day 2: Cardio
      Day 3: Back
      Day 4: Cardio
      Day 5: Arms
      Day 6: Legs

      I try to do core twice a week. Usually it fits in with chest and arms, but sometimes with back.

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