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      Dr Robyn

      These are the notes I took during a 75 minute lecture given at the University of Delaware on 4/18/19

      46% of kids have a chronic condition

      Only 4% of the TOTAL population did in 1968

      25% of youth are depressed

      Our genes represent potential – not written in stone facts

      Microbiome + Epigenetics + Genetics = health outcome

      Humans have about 23,000 genes. Fruit flies have about 15,000 and fleas 30,000. Gene-wise we aren’t that impressive

      If your telomeres get too short, the cell comes unraveled and dies

      Stress and diet impact the length of your telomeres

      The length of your telomeres is the best predictor of chronic disease

      Epigenetics are the inherited phenotype (characteristics)

      They can be turned up and down – like hair color, it is not a single state. It is a spectrum. The same is true of disease.

      Some genes get “hidden” when the histones wrap. Those genes can’t be expressed.

      Genome is hardware. Epigenome is the software. You can change/update your software

      Changes in your epigenome can be passed on to children. Example – a mouse is made afraid of the smell of cherry blossoms by shocking every time the smell of cherry blossoms is given. That fear of the cherry blossom smell will last two generations.

      Food as an epigenetic influencer

      Microbiome is about 40-50 trillion bacterial cells

      2-20 million bacterial genes – we are over sanitizing and killing the good guys

      We are only .01% human on a genetic level (way more bacteria)

      Focusing on our genes only looks at that .01% of who we are

      Your mitochondria have different DNA than you

      Nutrient extraction happens mostly in the small intestine

      We are big donuts. We have a hole running through the middle of us. We have one cell thickness (epithelial cells)

      Epithelial cells get replaced every 4-5 days

      Sugar, alcohol, drugs, stress, pesticides and gluten back down your epithelial cells

      Cell death – apoptosis, infection, necrosis (when a cell is tagged to die because it’s not functioning properly. It is the body’s clean up – happens when fasting)

      Fertilizer is like to plants what candy is to kids. It makes plants happy but makes them weak because there are no real nutrients

      Agent orange – defoliates plants so they could see the enemy. When the war ended there was no need for it. Tweak it a little bit = Roundup

      Then they created Roundup ready crops (can spray them and they don’t die)

      Glyphosate (Roundup) was patented as an antibiotic originally

      It is water soluble and is in 75% of the water table

      85%+ people test positive for it in their urine

      There were 80k synthetic chemicals introduced in the 1900s

      The standards for how much glyphosate could be in the food source has been law for 40 years. But it only started being tested for last year

      Glyphosate used to be classified as a carcinogen. But due to industry pressure it was reclassified as a “probable carcinogen.” That may change as people are being paid big settlements for getting cancer due to glyphosate

      It is an endocrine disrupter

      Zonulin stimulator – leaky gut

      64 countries around the world require GMO labeling. The US allows the highest glyphosate residue in the world

      There are 800 prescriptions per 1000 people in the US

      4x that much in animals

      60% is for weight gain (do you need drugs in your food that cause weight gain?)

      40% is to kill disease (they wouldn’t have so much disease if animals weren’t raised in unsanitary conditions)

      Don’t wait to find out which thing is worst. Just stop doing it

      Exercise deficiency shortens life span

      Vigorous exercise doesn’t replace regular movement all day

      Exercise is good for your mitochondria (the energy plants in your cells)

      Nitric Oxide release is caused by exercise. You can do it for a new burst every 90 minutes

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