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      Dr Robyn

      If there ever was a spice that seems to have magical health properties, it would have to be turmeric. If you aren’t eating it on a regular basis, today is a great day to start.

      Some people find the flavor to be too strong to ingest by itself. But there are lots of ways to disguise it. We put 1/2 tsp in our oatmeal every morning (Some studies suggest up to a teaspoon a day). Along with the berries, seeds and cinnamon you can’t even taste it.

      You can also add it to tomato based dishes like chili, Shepard’s pie and marinara sauce.

      Dr Robyn has enjoyed buying the roots fresh (They kinda look like little, bright orange ginger), chopping it up and making ginger/turmeric tea. Just add hot water and a bit of sweetener if you’d like.

      Of course if you like curry dishes, turmeric is a staple flavor.

      Regardless of how you do it, turmeric is a healthy spice you really need to be eating.

      This article gives some short insight into the benefits of turmeric:

      Science Confirms Turmeric is as Effective as 14 Drugs

      PS – The one exception to the everyone should get turmeric rule is people with gallstones. Turmeric causes the gall bladder to squeeze down. Great for cleaning it out if you don’t have stones. Painful if you do. Until you get the stones issue addressed, it is wisest to avoid turmeric.

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