The dairy industry shares “science” showing cheese is health neutral

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      Dr Robyn

      It really is no surprise that the dairy industry wants us to eat more cheese. But what might be surprising is, so does the US government. If you pay US taxes your tax money is being spent to advertise cheese, find ways to sneak it into more and more foods AND to feed it to school children.

      But how have they managed to find science that suggests ingesting cheese is health neutral when we KNOW that the casein in dairy products is linked directly to the promotion of cancer growth? (Note the extensive research by Dr T Colin Campbell and his books The China Study and Whole) By doing some fancy ducking and dodging with the science. That’s how.

      Watch this video by Dr Greger, author of the books How Not to Die and How Not to Diet. He shows how playing with the science will let you “find” anything you want.

      Also – never trust a study funded by the industry that makes its money selling the product they are studying.

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