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      Dr Robyn

      These notes are from a webinar (title above)

      Moderator: Dr Caroline Trapp, DNP (doctorate in nursing)

      Panel: Trey Bennet, RN, MSN, integrative health provider

      Kara Mosesso, MSN, nomadic nourishment

      – Seven out of ten deaths in the US are caused by preventable disease
      – 13% of medical office visits include diet counseling (and sadly the info giving usually isn’t great)
      – 75% of medical office visits include a prescription (data from 2010)
      – Three of every five prescriptions are for diet related disease
      – RNs get one semester of nutrition in undergrad and there is no requirement in grad school
      – Reference book, Foods That Fight Pain by Dr Neal Barnard
      – “Helping people who are interested in taking less medication”
      – Prevention, healing, longevity – everything is evidence based
      – We need to stop taking a pill for every ill
      – Even those who live long, live sick
      – What you do every day matters
      – Find a medical partner who will listen to you, not talk at you
      – We have to start thinking about prolonged medication use versus quality of life
      – Reference: Rich Roll podcast, Plant yourself (Howard Jacobson), the exam room, mastering diabetes
      – Understanding behavioral change – habit, emotion, cultural
      – Focus on evidence-based info, not what the masses are saying
      – Knowing what but not how
      – Cafeterias in hospitals are profit centers. They want to serve food that increase their bottom line
      Eat well because you love your body. Not because you hate it.

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