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      Dr Robyn

      I have been super frustrated with my cholesterol. Because I have a thyroid condition (diagnosed when I was 19), my cholesterol is stubborn. I have gotten it under 200 eating this way. But I can’t seem to get it to drop under the 150 mark that so many plant-based doctors suggest (and many of our clients do).

      I just came across this short video of Dr Esselstyn talking about the idea that keeping your endothelium (the cells that line your blood vessels) healthy is more important than your actual cholesterol number. If your endothelium is healthy, cholesterol won’t stick, so it’s not a problem.

      I felt like that was good news for me and wanted to share it.

      Note – he doesn’t actually address the question in the title of the video (how long it takes for cholesterol to come down) and there are other topics towards the end. The part I found most interesting is right at the beginning.

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