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      Dr Robyn

      How to be a healthy and positive influence

      Marco Borges from The 22 Day Revolution

      Don’t focus on the perfect – just make progress

      Animal protein craze = 60-70 years and we’ve gotten sicker

      If eating WFPB was a drug it would be a multi-trillion-dollar vaccine

      In the US we have an $8 billion constipation industry – this is a lot of people with broken GI tracts

      Eat more food and weigh less – common sense that isn’t common

      People worry if they label themselves as “plant-based” they will be labeled radical. But taking handfuls of drugs to manage symptoms rather than solving the problem by changing their diet

      We are medicating to offset the problems we are creating with food

      Why are we so worried about what people think about what we eat? But sharing all the meds we are on is fun and accepted

      Ideas start out as fringe, move to edgy, become cool, then to accepted and finally they become the norm

      Health is happiness, not food

      Veganism isn’t accessible to the average person (ethos). We need to invite as many people to the party as possible. Don’t judge people for where they are. Don’t demand, shame or blame. People want to feel free to choose.

      You have to be willing to wait until people are ready. You have to meet them where they are. You can’t love people less because they eat differently than is optimum.

      There are a million excuses that shame / can build shame. We are often too focused on perfection. We need to focus on what we’ve done right.

      It’s amazing how close to perfect you can get when you let go of being perfect. Just focus on continuous self-improvement. Every day is a new day to tweak in the right direction.

      Also be willing to let go of less than perfect days

      Regret/remorse = self-punishment that snowballs into destruction

      Often the first response to eating plant-based is fear because the idea is completely foreign. It’s not logic. It’s an emotional response.

      Animals are protein brokers. They get it from plants. Then you take it from them. Unfortunately, their “rider” is cholesterol and saturated fat you don’t need.

      There is no such thing as an amino acid (protein) deficiency

      For most people their first line of info is their doctor and doctors simply don’t know. There is A LOT of misinformation

      22 days nutrition – plant-based mail delivery service

      People see the way you live your life, not just by what you tell them

      People think, “If my doctor is over weight there is no hope for me.”

      We (Russ and I) don’t just believe in this, we practice it every day

      Quote from Marco, “We belong where our deepest gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet.”

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