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      Dr Robyn

      What Everyone Needs to Know About Breast Cancer

      Kristi Funk, MD – author of Breasts: The Owner’s Manual and founder of the Pink Lotus Foundation

      Women make choices every day that either move them toward or away from getting breast cancer

      Pre-menopause we can slash our risk by 50%. Post menopause by 80%

      Most people believe (falsely) that breast cancer is completely in the hands of genetics of fate
      5-10% of breast cancer can be blamed on genetic mutation

      87% of women diagnosed with breast cancer don’t have a first degree relative who had it
      7 million women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer

      We have choices – most easily through diet and nutrition also exercise, alcohol, smoking, obesity, hormone replacement, stress and environmental toxicity

      You can’t expect to live at the edges of the bell curve. That’s like taking a gun with room for ten bullets, loading it with eight and saying it’s safe to play with. Those eight bullets can be controlled by lifestyle

      Good nutrition bathes your insides with good health and that makes them able to keep you as healthy as possible

      77% of women believe there is nothing they can do with diet to reduce their risk of breast cancer – this is false!

      What we eat is directly tied to breast health as well as overall health

      What do you think your cells use to run and replicate other than the food we eat? It’s not magic

      Cancer can “crosstalk” to other cells to make you a better host for it. Eating plants turns down that ability to hijack your system.

      Soy foods – whole food soy and minimally processed soy. Studies since 2009. We believe the phytoestrogens can attach to our estrogen receptors. Doctors knee-jerk reaction is to just say “no soy”
      That is just wrong. 9/10 studies are pro-soy. Since then there have been very clear studies that not only is soy safe. It is beneficial. 2-3 servings daily can decrease your risk of first-time breast cancer by 60%.

      If you already have breast cancer you will reduce the risk of recurrence by 32% by eating soy

      Exactly the same numbers they get with anti-estrogen drugs

      Soy estrogen acts exactly like the estrogen blocker drugs in the body. Estrogen in your body goes down when you eat soy so there is less cancer fuel.

      73,000 women in the study

      Advocates strongly that women purposefully eat soy

      It even reduces estrogen negative tumors

      It is one of the most healthful foods you can eat to fight breast cancer – that and broccoli

      Mushrooms – improve testosterone in men. White button mushrooms are best. Just half of one button mushroom daily reduces cancer rates by 64%. Eat them cooked.

      Broccoli (all cruciferous veggies), broccoli sprouts = sulforaphane. It seeks out and destroys breast cancer cells. Removes excess estrogen and sends it out in the urine
      Six, half cup servings a week reduces breast cancer is premenopausal women by 46%
      Broccoli should be eating lightly steamed or raw and chewed thoroughly. You need to break down the cell walls or cook and then mix in some raw florets or raw cruciferous veggies

      Berries – also quiets the crosstalk from cancer cells and causes a cancer cell to explode and keep cancer cells from getting the blood vessels grow that it needs to live/grow. Frozen berries are even better for you. But eat them however you can get them or however you enjoy them.

      – five cups a day = 59% reduction in estrogen negative cancers and a 37% reduction in all post-menopausal cancers. (It was not clear whether she meant 6oz or 8oz cups of coffee)

      Brca1 – one in every 500 people carry it (includes men) in the eastern Europe Jewish population it is 1/40
      Genetic testing to see if you have these genes is $199.00. Look at first- second- and third-degree relatives on both sides. Two or more relatives have breast cancer before age 50 or ovarian cancer at any age – test.
      If you are Ashkenazi Jewish, only one relative to suggest testing would be a good idea. Although Dr Funk suggested that all Ashkenazi Jews should get tested regardless of history.
      What you eat is really important

      The lack of nutritional education in med school makes doctors believe, without ever saying anything, that nutrition doesn’t matter

      All animal protein and all animal fat are hugely detrimental to human cells. It actively PROMOTES illness. It doesn’t just not help. It HURTS your health.

      Zeranol – synthetic estrogen – found in all conventional read meat eaten in the US and Canada. Helps a calf grow to ¾ of a ton (1500 pounds) in 18 months.
      Most potent growth hormone found in human food and has 100,000 times the estrogen influence of BPA from plastics
      If you drip Zeranol on normal breast cancer cells in a petri dish they will turn into breast cancer cells in 21 days.
      It does get into our bodies. A small test (163 NJ 9-10-year-old girls). Tested their urine for Zeranol. 5% tested positive. All of them had eaten meat the night before. The ones without Zeranol had not. Europe already knows this. We are so behind when it comes to toxins.
      94% of the beef we consume in the US is conventional. Meaning they are using Zeranol – including grass-fed. You have to get organic to avoid it.
      Zeranol was banned in Europe in 1981 along with all other growth promoters. In 1989 they prohibited import of all beef products from the US and Canada because we use it and they know it promotes cancer

      One drink a day increases breast cancer risk by 10%
      Two drinks a day 30%
      Three drinks a day 40%
      Add 10% per drink a day thereafter
      The safest amount of alcohol to consume for breast health is zero

      Tight bras have NOTHING to do with breast cancer risk

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