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      Dr Robyn

      The #1 killer of Americans = the Western diet

      The good news about the Western diet killing is is WE GET TO CONTROL IT!

      Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes – NO ONE has to die! We know the cure! (We should all be SO angry!)

      The food industry wants us to be confused – that’s how they make money (by killing us)

      Sugar is subsidized by the government. Tax payers are paying for this horrible “food” and then again for the health crisis it is creating!

      Moderation = hitting yourself with a smaller hammer

      Why don’t more doctors know about and talk about plant-based eating?

      If your doctor is overweight, is that really who you want giving you nutrition/lifestyle/diet advice?

      Take back your taste buds from the food industry!

      A healthy diet isn’t just a treatment for sickness. It’s a method for NOT getting sick in the first place!

      You body has a great feedback loop. You just have to listen to it.

      Try a 21-day kickstart – you’ll never want to go back

      You don’t know how good you can feel until you try it.

      Food/diet/lifestyle is very personal

      Afraid you’ll be bored on a plant-based lifestyle? Count how many different foods you are eating now. It’s likely not as many as you think.

      Do what works for you and stick with it

      Find foods you like and that work for your life or you’ll never stick with it

      Healthy people have more fun (AMEN to that!!!)

      Your body. Your choice. We (RnR) just want to give you the knowledge and make an educated, conscious choice. NO MORE FOLLOWING INDUSTRY TO OUR GRAVES!

      Everyone in America over the age of 10, eating the Standard American Diet (also called SAD) has evidence of heart disease.

      When the blood of someone on a plant-based diet is dripped on cancer cells they die.

      The tobacco industry used to say that smoking was okay because it wasn’t any worse for you than eating meat. So rather than quit both they thought it was a good idea to do both? Great, kill us twice as fast.

      Turns out that’s not true. Eating meat is worse for you than smoking.

      Doctors claim they don’t recommend a plant-based lifestyle because “people won’t do it.” Do you love how they make choices for us?

      It took 25 years and 7000 studies before the surgeon general came out with a statement against smoking. The American Medical Association (AMA) came out AGAINST the report. Surely the $10million the AMA had just gotten from Big Tobacco had nothing to do with it (sarcasm)

      Look for The Starch Solution – McDougall

      Most of SAD is calorically dense and low on nutrition (you never feel satisfied because your cells are starving)

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