How do I choose a replacement for dairy milk?

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      Dr Robyn

      When we suggest giving up dairy we get one of two responses, “But I LOVE cheese!” Yes, it is addictive. We loved it too. We get it. It’s sad. It doesn’t love you. It’s killing you.

      And, “How do I replace milk?” That depends on how you use milk currently. If you’re drinking large glasses of it you’re going to be hard pressed to find something that has the same fatty, creamy, pleasure creating mouth feel of cows milk (because of the fat and pleasure hormones in it). But, if you’re adding it to recipes or pouring it over cereal, there are a variety of plant milks to choose from.

      We typically use almond milk, not for any particular reason except it’s usually the cheapest. Right this moment we have oat milk in the fridge (someone recommend it so we decided to try it). I also like to use soy milk in my oatmeal, simply because I’m trying to increase my soy consumption. Which ever one you choose, look at the fat content and go with an unsweetened and unflavored option.

      Dr. Thomas Campbell wrote outlined the pros and cons of several kinds of plant milk in this article:

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