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      Dr Robyn

      When having your cholesterol tested, most doctors ask for a fasting blood draw. I have always scheduled my appointments for blood work on fasting days. And since I was fasting anyway, the time of day for the appointment didn’t matter.

      Typically, my triglycerides have been higher than should be expected for someone eating and exercising the way I do. I attributed that to my thyroid condition. BUT I also wondered if it was caused by my body using fat as fuel when I fast.

      Triglycerides are fat in the blood being transported to be stored or to be burned as fuel. If you are losing weight, fat is being moved from storage for fuel. So it would make sense that your triglycerides might be high.

      However, I am at my ideal weight so that’s not what’s going on with me.

      All of that is a long explanation to share this: Dr Garth Davis, author of Proteinaholic, posted on his Facebook page about this exact topic. This was copied from his post –


      The high triglycerides in a fasting fruitarian, or similar diet, is due to the fact that under fasting situations they will secrete glucagon which mobilizes fat stores for fuel. Because their post prandial [this word means eating] lipids should be lower than normal, and LDL should be low, their fasting higher triglycerides should not be significant. Though many factors come into the equation of risk (genes, lifestyle, homocysteine, omega 3, etc).

      He linked to this article https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/triglycerides-a-big-fat-problem. But you can’t read it unless you become a member Harvard health for $4.99 a month.

      Basically what he is saying is that if you are eating plant-based whole foods, it is not surprising or a problem if your fasting triglycerides are high because your body is likely using fat as fuel.

      Have your triglycerides tested after a meal instead to get a better idea if you are concerned about it.

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