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      Dr Robyn


      I’m not sure if I should be promoting a service on here, but many days when I’m super busy, I come home way too tired to cook. Most of the convenient heat and eat foods are too processed or just plain unhealthy. I searched for something to fill my need and found I highly recommend as I have been ordering from them for about a year. What I don’t eat in a few days goes into the freezer. It’s always nice to know I have healthy heat and eat foods at the ready. I just wanted to share this with those who are trying to eat more WFPB but find time to cook to be at a minimum.

      You two are wonderful. I saw you at Newark Natural foods and have since started intermittent fasting and have lost 10 lbs. Eating healthy is one thing, but finally figuring out how to lose extra pounds has been a true blessing. Thank you! And I so appreciate you untangling all the research out there by separating the truth from fiction. Keep doing what you’re doing!


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      Dr Robyn

      Hi Dot!

      Yes, sharing this kind of service is exactly what this community is about. We had never heard of it. I assumed it was going to be a vegan service. I was pleasantly surprised to find they are WFPB. AMAZING!

      Yay you on being 10 pounds down! Good job. We love hearing about your success and thank you for your kind words. 🙂

      Keep doing the healthy you thing!

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