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      Dr Robyn

      We send a big THANK YOU! to a Whole Food Muscle Club member for attending this event and sharing her notes with us. 🙂

      Colin Campbell
      Science of Spirituality Building, Lisle, IL
      June 29, 2019


      Campbell outlines history of China Project beginning with his education of 1948-54. Studies Nutritional Cancer in 1962
      Research supports the ability to “nutritionally turn cancer on and off”
      Utilizes analogy of grass seed needing nutrients and sun for “growth” to that of cancer “seeds” needing the correct environment to grow
      Grass does not “die”, it will re grow when conditions are favorable
      Cancer will grow when conditions are favorable

      Cancer has “stages”- same slides as Cornell Course
      Initiation- initial cell mutation
      Promotion- Cells divide/form colonies
      Progression- widespread body infiltration with cancer
      Usually diagnosed at this point with larger systemic symptoms
      Cancer has metastasized at this point

      Animal Protein in Cancer (Casein)
      Increased cell entry of carcinogen, increased MFO
      Increased protein correlated with enzyme synthesis
      Increased animal protein correlated with Cancer Promotion through mechanisms:
      Altered MFO structure
      Increased accessibility of carcinogen to DNA structure
      Decreased ability of DNA to repair itself

      Cancer Promotion characterized by
      Increased cell replication
      Increased oxygen radicals
      Increased IGF-2
      Altered calorie use
      ^^^^Q. Which mechanism causes cancer? (question displays reduction science)

      In all above, variable changed to plant protein and no correlated increase in cancer rates at any stage

      THE CHINA STUDY- Results Explained

      WFPB nutrition effect is broad and rapid (1-2 weeks)
      Supports multiple mechanisms involved in ca promotion
      Prevents, suspends and/or cures many disease states

      WFPB treats illness and disease with no side effects
      References Dr.’s Esselstein, McDougal and Ornish
      “Here’s the Future” Dr. put on this diet and see if it works….

      Beta carotene example
      Correlation of increased beta carotene treatment in lung ca, indicates remission
      Study terminated early as intervention group with increased beta carotene had increased rates of CA—-Study demonstrates ill effects of supplements

      NAS- National Academy of Science
      Supplement industry grows in 1980’s
      At the time Dr. Campbell key witness

      Description of food eaten to excretion- at each stage, nutrient composition may increase or decrease up to 20% depending on other nutrients and environment of cells; processes below
      Cell entry
      Biochemical function- cannot determine amount of nutrient at site of interest

      The body’s default is “to restore health” like a “symphony” there is no one instrument in the orchestra of events—This is analogy to “metabolic map”
      Campbell compares initial metabolic map of Krebs cycle when he started career to present day “map” of complex processes
      (NOTE: biologic process is a system biology approach different than the complex sound blending produced by orchestra?)
      Each event in kreb/glycolysis cycle catabolized by an enzyme
      Stop an enzyme, stop a reaction
      Such as statins blocking ACE, then decrease cholesterol production

      CA Treatment
      Cytotoxic chemotherapy agents (2014) $1.3-1.8 Billion industry
      22 different CA treatments combined,, 5 year increase of life only 2.1% success

      NIH- defines CA as a genetic disease

      Nutritional Protocol vs drugs- benefits
      No multiple prescriptions
      No side effects
      Known for over 200 years

      (W)holist Nutrition – WFPB
      Wide scope of health effects use to reverse to treatment
      Avoids reductionist medicine (MD not taught nutrition)
      130 medical specialties
      NIH- utilizes 28 Institutes for medicine—- NONE for nutrition
      Fails to embrace nutrition as a serious science
      No institute for nutrition

      “wholest nutrition with cell is infinitely complex, changing with nanoseconds of times.”
      States, “Nutritional theory of relativity”

      Mentions Cornell course, answers few questions, exits
      Difference between nutritionist and dietician- defines role of regulating bodies in nutrition curriculums/both work together
      Treatment of CA with “inflammation”—not specific question
      Avoidance of GMO foods as nutrition composition will be altered, greater focus for environment impact
      Thank you from crowd—woman self-treated her MS with great success (woman walking unassisted and appeared well)

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