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      Dr Robyn

      The more protein you eat the more filtration your kidneys have to do.

      .6 – .8 grams per kg of lean body weight (Dr Robyn note: multiply your weight in pounds by .453592 to get kg then multiply that number by .7 to get an idea of how much protein your body needs. Keep in mind – this is LEAN body mass.)

      This slide is from Dr Williams’ talk. But I think it fits here really well. 100grams is about half a cup. Keep in mind – more protein (particularly animal protein) is NOT better!

      People with diabetes have large kidneys because the are reved up. Plant based diets are low in phosphates (good for kidneys)

      Acidosis – kidneys helps excrete acid. Animal protein is very acidic.

      Animal protein is directly related to kidney stones

      The main causes (75%) of kidney failure is related to diabetes and high blood pressure

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