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      Dr Robyn

      Nutrition bias – too many believe what we believe without considering new data

      In a hopeless state we don’t have the ability to plan/learn/take steps to changeClients need to be inspired to have hope

      Cows are fed Styrofoam to fill their stomachs

      You can create a tolerance to cheese (just like any drug) so you need more to get the same feeling.

      Transfer addiction – to take a socially unacceptable addition (drugs) and move it to a socially acceptable on (food/sugar)
      There is crossover between cocaine and sugar in the dopamine receptor system.
      Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be treated with sugar

      Yale food addiction scale

      False hunger/Toxic hunger (see the slide at the end)
      Many people believe their withdrawal symptoms from dopamine are hunger
      They eat junk, the symptoms go away and it reinforces that false belief

      Food companies purposefully create “foods” that feed addiction

      Our culture enables food addiction and happily accepts it as normal

      When food is poison (he suggested looking up the definition for poison and seeing if it doesn’t apply to much of what is considered “food”)

      What is real hunger? (see slide at the end)

      No stretch and no nutrients = still hungry no matter how many calories you’ve eaten

      You can’t ignore the stress in your life. Forgiveness (of self and others) makes cortisol levels drop

      Community is a huge aspect of creating or blocking change

      A healthy diet reduces neuro-inflammation, making mood better and making healthy choices easier.

      Liking vs wanting (see slide at the end)

      Eating without reward (tolerance) and then guilt = wanting

      We are digging an early grave with our teeth.

      It takes 6-9 months to overcome emotional eating (see slide at the end)

      You have to unlearn what you “know” and relearn

      There will be good days / bad days / better days

      It should trend in the right direction but it WILL NOT be a straight line

      We over estimate our willpower and under estimate the power of food

      Food addiction is more like smoking than cocaine

      It takes three months of abstinence to change the dopamine system



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