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      Dr Robyn

      The Food and Hormone Connection You Need to Know

      American Medical Association says hospitals should NEVER serve processed meats. Yet it seems hospital breakfasts seem to always have bacon on the plate

      If you aren’t eating enough fiber, the extra estrogen and testosterone that your liver removes don’t go out with the trash in your gut. They get reabsorbed and then the liver has to remove them again. Leading to stress/cancer of the reproductive organs.

      Breast cancer diagnosis – healthy body weight matters. Body fat cells in women convert other hormones to estrogen (this surprised me). Extra estrogen drives the development and growth of cancer

      The women who eat the most soy are 30% less likely to develop breast cancer than women who avoid soy. Soy is productive

      Exercise and fruits/veggies and low fat = less cancer

      Eating plant-based makes menstrual pain better

      Dr Barnard tried to do a crossover study but women who where on the vegan diet refused to switch back the Standard American Diet. Makes it hard to get good crossover data

      The more cheese a man eats the worse their sperm is (mobility and number). Thought – dairy cows are pregnant = estrogen in the fat and concentrated in the cheese. The further into her pregnancy a cow is, the more estrogen there is in her milk.

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