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      Dr Robyn

      It’s the Food. Keys to a Long, Healthy and Happy Life

      70% of doctors don’t want their children to go into medicine. Doctors feel burned out and disenchanted with just managing disease. You just watch your patients get worse.

      Most easily cured by eating plants – all of the metabolic diseases. They aren’t that different.

      The pharma companies make it seem like medicine and cause of disease is too complicated to understand. We have 100s of specialties but the problem is all the same thing – the food the patient is eating.

      82% lower risk of dying from cardio vascular disease

      65% lower risk of dying from cancer

      74% lower risk of dying from all cause

      When doing the following things:

      Healthy weight
      Didn’t smoke
      Didn’t drink alcohol
      Diet rich in plant foods

      He also mentioned sleep. But that wasn’t part of the study.

      Lived 12-14 years longer

      Eating plants is the MOST powerful medication on the planet.

      We accept as normal that we eat animal protein and refined products all day every day. We have created a disease culture

      It’s never too late to get healthy – unless you’re already dead. Your body doesn’t want to be sick. Stop creating chronic inflammation with your food intake.

      Every good plant-based meal is medicine for your body. Every animal-based meal is poison.

      Get out of the way. Let your body be healthy. Stop eating toxins!

      We believe our bodies are designed to just fall apart with age. But that’s just not the case.

      What’s your health span?

      Disease doesn’t just happen. Our bodies are designed to run healthy. And it does when we eat plants.

      (My note – I have a doctor friend who talks about how she is too busy trying to get her patients off meth to talk to them about diet)

      As soon as you put food into your system it impacts your cells at the DNA level. We have to honor our anatomy.

      Don’t eat junk food = don’t think junk thoughts. Eating healthy makes us happy. Because our gut is healthier – linked directly to our brain happiness.

      Your gut biome isn’t passive. They are either friend or foe and change our emotions. It is a very powerful connection.

      Increased sugar linked to diabetes rates independently of obesity. Added sugar is toxic to the system. (My note – as we always say, it’s not the sugar that you add to your coffee or oatmeal. It’s all the “hidden” sugar in processed foods, fast food and restaurant food.

      Sugar is a FLAVOR it should NOT be eating as food.

      Eat food as it comes out of the ground

      People won’t eat fruit because of the “sugar.” But that is natural. The sugar found in plants is NOT dangerous. The actual amount of sugar in fruit is minuscule. It is VERY different from ingesting sugar as food – soda, cake, donuts – etc

      Eat as much whole food as you would like

      Ecoanxiety – dread and helplessness that comes from worry about the unrelenting march towards damaging the environment

      Just swapping beans for beef would revolutionize medicine. The food choices that are best for creating vibrant life are also good for the planet. What more validation do we need? We can heal our bodies and the planet at the same time.

      Why is the medical profession so unaware? Doctors only get 19 hours of training. Only a quarter required for a single class. It is a running joke how little doctors know about nutrition.

      Moving medicine forward = talking to med students

      Dishonest medicine – doctors are required to stay abreast of current medical science and make that info available to their patients. But they don’t do it at all when it comes to the science of nutrition.

      If you need a stent in your heart your whole system is damaged and in trouble. A stent in your heart does nothing for the system.

      Doctors who practice lifestyle medicine have practices full of patients who USED to have diseases.

      “People never change” – Doctors shouldn’t decide that for their patients

      We have to stop believing that all doctors have all the answers. We need to take ownership of our own health.

      Start giving your body what it needs, before you get a horrible diagnosis

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