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      Dr Robyn

      Dr Greger didn’t say anything we haven’t heard before as he is very visible online and on his website (www.NutritionFacts.org). But these are the highlights I wrote down.

      In regards to “everything in moderation” – How moderate do you want your diabetes?

      In talking about modern medicine and comparing eating animal products to banging your shin on the coffee table three times a day:

      Patient: Doctor my leg hurts.

      Doctor: It is inflamed, bruised and bloody. Here are some pills for the pain and ointment to help it heal.

      If you’re lucky (which most patients aren’t) your doctor might tell you to limit the number of times you kick the coffee table.

      7000 studies were done showing smoking was dangerous before the first public warning was issued and then it was poo-poo’d.

      14 million people a year will die waiting for a plant-based diet to become normal and recommended. We simply can’t wait for “normal” to catch up with the science.

      If you are diabetic and switching to plant-based eating, you MUST monitor your medication carefully. Too much medication can lead to hypoglycemia overnight

      He was asked this question: What do I do if my doctor isn’t onboard with changing my diet?

      Point them to the 21-day kickstart program (Dr Barnard)
      Give them a book
      Change doctors

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