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      Dr Robyn

      Are your food choices in integrity with your life plants and dreams?

      What you can do to stop industrial food:

      What we eat is decided by politics
      Food can activate healing pathways or it can feed disease
      The industrial food system has hijacked our taste buds

      There are only four companies that control 80% of all the seeds in the world. Those seeds are designed to create yield, not for taste or nutrients and to withstand being sprayed with poison.

      These big companies are corrupting food science and the beliefs the public has about food. Influencing the “truth” and changing public policy (ie creating fraud to make money)

      They target minority and poor children with ads. Most countries don’t allow this. The US doesn’t protect kids from junk food advertising.

      The industry likes nothing better than to confuse people about the risks of industrially produced food – sugar, eggs, meat, dairy, processed foods

      High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is worse for you than sugar. The Fructose is not bound like regular sugar so it hits the bloodstream faster. Creates leaky gut (inflammation). And the process of creating HFCS leaves mercury behind.

      HFCS in an ingredients list is a sign of low-quality food, made as cheaply as possible.

      Subsidized by our tax dollars – meaning the poos and children are disproportionately harmed by this junk called food

      Countries with higher consumption of soy bean oil have higher rates of homicide, suicide and violent crime – a correlation. But a scary one we need to pay attention to. (studies by Charles Basch at Columbia)

      The achievement gap = kids who eat processed food do worse in school

      You can reduce prison violence by 56% by feeding them higher quality food

      The human brain is incredibly responsive to nutrition or the lack thereof

      He referenced a talk titled, Food Oppression

      Voters need to start voting for better food because the government isn’t going to do it

      They don’t use HFCS in other countries but here it is so cheap.

      We have an unhealthy cultural norm around food in the US. Europe spends 20% of their income on food. In the US it is less than 9%. And we spend WAY more on disease management. We don’t spend money on nutrition so we end up spending it in the medical space.

      Medication is SO expensive and it doesn’t work that well. We could pay for healthy food more cheaply than paying for diabetes care.

      We have a disease creation economy and disease creation policies. We are so disconnected from the science and the truth. We need to limit corporate money in the government.

      The best way to bring down the cost of medical care is to reduce the number of sick people. That is easy to do when people eat healthy food. This is an easy problem to solve.

      Each of us as individuals can choose for ourselves not only to not get sick but to get well from the sickness we already have.

      There are 37 billion-billion (that is 37 with 18 zeros 37,000,000,000,000,000,000) chemical reactions in your body per second. Every, single one of them requires nutrients to happen

      We shouldn’t be just managing metabolic disease when they can be cured by just changing what we eat

      The food industry LOVES health claims. Don’t eat things with health marketing on the label – look at the ingredients

      Reference the movie, Fed Up

      We are one meal away from changing things. Most people don’t have basic cooking skills. The food environment in the US is awful.

      Food deserts = more fast food than fresh produce

      We buy the food. There is an $18T food industry that we as individuals control. When we change what we buy, it must change.

      We all have the opportunity to show up or give up.

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