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      Dr Robyn

      Take the “die” out of “diet”

      1918 – the last year that heart disease wasn’t the #1 killer. That year there was a pandemic flu called “the Spanish Flu”

      Cardio vascular mortality is down because medicine saves lives – but it doesn’t stop heart attacks

      Only 3% of people live the seven healthy habits (slide below)

      Almost half of people 20-39 eat fast food daily (Dr Robyn note – that is scary!)

      How long do you want to live?

      How much do you want to do with your life?

      How sick do you want to be?

      66% of all Medicare clients have high blood pressure

      LDL is more likely to cause clots when it is glycated (has sugar attached to it). The more sugar you eat the worse you do. The less likely you are to have an event free death (Dr Robyn note – that’s an interesting term, “event free death”) See the sugar addition slide at the end.

      Our government subsidizes junk foods.

      Twinkies have 14 different subsidized products

      Yucan syrup and Erythrital have no Glycemic Index (Dr Robyn note – he didn’t really get into the details of why this matters or what to do with this info)

      For every 10 grams of extra fiber you eat a day, your risk of death goes down 10%

      He seems to think the plant-based keto diet isn’t SO bad – referenced the ARIC study

      If you’ve had a heart attack and then do the keto diet you increase your risk of death by 53% (yikes!)

      TMAO (trimethylamine Oxide) – comes directly from fish and your body makes I when you eat meat. It is associated with heart failure and death.

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