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      Dr Robyn

      What Nutritional Excellence Can do for You

      Note: On 5/29/19 we posted a link to an article by Dr T. Colin Campbell, calling Dr Fuhrman out for using fake science data around weight loss (read it here: https://nutritionstudies.org/dr-campbells-response-to-campbell-vs-fuhrman-epic-takedown/). That said, this talk isn’t about weight loss. It’s about creating health and the points he makes are still valid.

      The US spends 2.5 times more on healthcare than any other country in the world. Eighteen cents per dollar on disease management

      Has been able to reverse Type 1 diabetes when caught early – publishing now (take this with a grain of salt until we get to see the data)

      Type 2 diabetes never used to be seen in young people

      “Franken foods (fast junk food) is speeding up the disease process. People are being raised on junk-fast food

      100 years ago, 1/100 Americans was mentally ill. Now it’s 1/5

      There is a link between depression and poor mental health and poor-quality food

      Nature put in a mechanism that causes the predators to live shorter lives when they over eat prey to keep the prey from going extinct and risking future generations – Animal protein reduces life span

      Referenced his book, Fast Food Genocide (2017)

      The belief that animal protein is better is not only wrong, it’s dangerous

      Digesting all foods create free radicals. Plants have antioxidants to offset them. Animal products do not.

      TMAO – pro-inflammatory and increase appetite

      Animal food has zero fiber – even though the public thinks it does

      Beans/greens/plants aren’t optional. Our body needs them.

      Your body triages for what it needs right now – today – to survive. It doesn’t think about next week, month, year, decade

      Nutritarian diet – moderate caloric restriction. As you eat more nutrition your body knows exactly how many calories you need. When you are nutrient deficient, you become a calorie consuming monster because your body is trying and failing to get what it needs – nutrient starved

      AGEs – advanced glycation end products

      Your body can’t repair and remove toxins when you’re digesting food. People can’t tolerate how they feel when their body is detoxing. So we eat all day, every day.

      ARE – antioxidant response elements – cruciferous veggies are good for them. Can suppress genetic predisposition for disease. Bigger amounts of green veggies are better with no threshold effect (threshold effect = too much is impossible)

      Only 25% of Americans eat even two servings of greens a week and only 2% of their diet is from veggies at all and ½ of that is French fries (yikes!)

      Eat a big salad every day

      Lectins are in no way detrimental to our health – it’s a lie, fraud

      Beans are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Lectins help with immunity stem cells

      If you cook or sprout your beans, you’re good

      Second meal effect from eating beans – blunts the glycemic load from other foods

      Beans are better for people with Type 2 than grains because they are resistant starch

      If we ate more beans, we would all live longer

      Soy – edamame and tempeh – whole foods – fine to eat and healthy. Tofu is more processed

      Eating very low-fat diets are not great for you

      Seeds are great sources of healthy fats that allow you to absorb 100 times as much of the phytonutrients from plants than if you eat it without seeds

      Eating one serving of nuts and seeds a day decreases all cause mortality by 30% and heart death by 40%

      Nuts and seeds should be our main source of fat

      Seeds are a nutritional power house – don’t be afraid of eating them

      Ground flax and chia every day is a phenomenal idea

      There is a 70% reduction in the risk of returning breast cancer in women eating flaxseed daily

      Greens, beans, onions, seeds all together = magic

      We already know the magic cure for cancer – eat veggies. But people don’t like that answer they want a magic pill

      We have the answer and we can make it taste great too

      G-bombs – greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds. Foods that have the most scientific support for their anti-cancer and longevity effects

      Onions the whole family – anti fat storage effects. Eat them raw as often as possible. Cut it small to allow the compounds form, then cook them

      Many people can handle whole cooked grains, even if they can’t eat flour

      Eating healthy isn’t deprivation

      The sickest people have the hardest time making the change because they are addicted to food

      “Food doesn’t taste so good in a coffin”

      Some people want to get well but they can’t do it without professional help

      Retrain taste buds, work with a professional on your emotional eating and learn to cook plant-based

      It’s not too late (unless you’re dead). There is always hope. You don’t just have to wait to die. But don’t wait until you get a major health diagnosis if you don’t already have one

      The amount of suffering that could end if people would just eat plants is unmeasurable

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