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      Dr Robyn

      Dr Donohue – Healthy Heart: How to prevent & Reverse our Leading Killer lecture

      These notes were taken during an in person lecture presented at the University of Delaware on 4/25/19 by Dr David Donohue, a lifestyle medicine physician.

      He opened his talk by playing the video Rewind the Future from Strong4Life.com.

      People with diabetes often die of a heart attack – what the medical examiner puts on the death certificate varies. This can skew the numbers in the database.

      Arrhythmia – a problem with the heart’s electrical system. Can cause stroke

      Congestive heart failure – a problem with the heart’s plumbing. It gets stiff and doesn’t pump well

      Cardiovascular disease – blockage in the vessels

      NNT = Number needed to treat versus

      NNH = Number needed to harm

      You want the distance between these two numbers to be large. Meaning it is possible to take a medication and benefit (treatment) without risking damage or death. Unfortunately, this space is often narrower than we would like and the benefit isn’t that great. However, many people continue to take medications not realizing they aren’t benefiting very much and are at risk of harm

      The vast majority of stents are done on people with stable angina (causing pain but not at risk for death) – over seven years these stents make no difference in the survival of the person or in helping them feel better

      Recommends the book UnDo It by Dr Dean Ornish (Look for my notes from Dr Ornish’s talk about this book)

      People believe their drugs are 53% effective or more. Actually drugs are only about 2% effective

      Three things you need to be doing to create good health

      Sleep at least eight hours a night
      He wears blue light filtering glasses for about an hour before he goes to bed
      If you are awake in bed, get up. Read a book (not a screen), stretch, meditate. You want to train your brain to sleep in bed.
      Don’t be sedentary. An hour of exercise does not make up for sitting all day. Move throughout the day (Remember Dr Fallon’s 4-minute workout suggesting)
      Eat food not nutrients
      Don’t think about protein
      Don’t think about carbs
      Don’t think about fat
      Don’t even think about fiber

      Humans didn’t eat oil in large quantities until the industrial revolution. Now there are people how believe it is possible to be “oil deficient” (note – that’s not a thing) – that is industry trickery

      The substitution effect – yes, fish is better than beef but that doesn’t make fish “good” for you. It’s just not as bad

      Your body weight is a function of your average calorie density

      Mention of a plant-based DHA supplement in passing

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