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      Dr Robyn

      We came across two articles that might interest you about dairy consumption.

      The first one is by breast cancer surgeon Dr Kristi Funk, author of the book Breast Owners Manual. We have not read the book. But based on the bit of her journey shared in this article, we think it would be a good read.

      Ditch Dairy, Meat, and Fish for Your Breasts, Says Angelina Jolie’s Cancer Surgeon

      The second is from Dr Gregor talking about new science that provides insight into why people who consume more dairy experience more hip fractures rather than less. The short answer: Galactose, a milk sugar, is toxic. Most people can detoxify it (why would we put something in our system that needs to be detoxified?). But even when detoxified it causes “higher rates of death, more heart disease, and significantly more cancer for each glass of milk.”


      What are you thoughts on these two articles?

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