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      Dr Robyn

      Beyond Cholesterol – Freeing Yourself from the Tyranny of your Cholesterol Numbers

      Atherosclerotic vascular disease (heart disease) = one death every 40 seconds

      Vegetable oils are NOT heart healthy. They make the artery walls stiff and inflamed

      The question shouldn’t be about cholesterol – that’s just a number. The question should be how healthy are your arteries. That tells you something useful.

      Are you producing oxidized cholesterol?

      Cholesterol isn’t evil. It has important jobs in the body. That is why your liver makes cholesterol. It is necessary. BUT your liver makes ALL you need. Any you ingest is excess.

      Oxidizing agents:

      Free radicals come from fried foods, processed foods, simple sugars, acidic foods and drinks, cooked animal protein, cortisol from stress, cigarette smoke and air pollution

      Free radicals “rip off” electrons from cholesterol, oxidizing it and creating oxidized LDL. This oxidized cholesterol sticks to the walls of your arteries, irritating it. The body sends in white blood cells to “help.” But they make things worse. They create a foam cell (basically a pimple) on the artery wall. Now you have an inflamed mess INSIDE your artery.

      When one of those pimples breaks open, the puss flows into the blood causing a blood clot which blocks the artery = heart attack.

      It’s not just having high LDL. It how much oxidized cholesterol that is the problem.

      Just driving down LDL using a statin (which keeps your body from making cholesterol) doesn’t solve the problem.

      You can have lab tests done to look at your inflammation markers on how much oxidized cholesterol you have.

      Statin drugs block your body’s ability to make cholesterol. They don’t clean up excess.

      Antioxidants (from plants) give up their electrons to free radicals – neutralizing them. When the foreign substance leaves the pimple, the white blood cells are no longer needed and go away. Thus the plaque in your arteries break up and go away as well.

      If you aren’t eating any cholesterol you can likely relax about your cholesterol numbers because your inflammation markers are likely low

      Cholesterol levels aren’t written in stone. They change from day to day depending on what your body needs.

      Trust your body. It knows what to do when you feed it real food and not fake food.

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