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      Dr Robyn

      Honey is neither vegan nor plant-based but it is something we have in the house. And we’ve talked before about the fraud in the industry. “Honey” sold in stores is often not honey or at least not 100% honey. Unscrupulous manufacturers are cutting honey with rice syrup, sugar beet syrup or wheat syrup. In the case of wheat syrup, that “honey” would be a problem for someone with a gluten sensitivity and they would have no way of knowing.

      The article basically says say away from anything from China being sold as honey. I would go farther and say, don’t buy commercial honey. If you want honey, get it from a local beekeeper.

      This article is a good summary:

      Nearly Half of Honey Tested Contains Mostly Rice Syrup, Wheat Syrup or Sugar Beet Syrup

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