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      Dr Robyn

      We received a question about collagen for tonight’s (12/17/19) Ask Us Anything Q&A. I am posting links to a few articles and some snippets in case anyone would like to read the data behind my answer.

      This article is useful in total:

      One paragraph is relevant from this one.
      “All forms of animal protein, though there are some differences, act overwhelmingly the same in the body. For example, casein is a dairy protein, and meat is largely made up of the three major proteins in muscle: myofibrillar proteins, sarcoplasmic proteins, and connective tissue or stromal proteins (i.e., collagen). Even with their structural differences, all animal proteins act overwhelmingly the same, a fact well established in the scientific literature. They all have high biological value, meaning they are most efficient at growing cells: all cells, including healthy cells and cancerous cells alike. Casein and egg albumin for instance, both help the young animal grow the fastest. They also stimulate the production of more growth factors, particularly insulin-like growth factor(IGF), which is associated with higher cancer growth rates.”

      One sentence: “Sweet Potatoes are packed with energy boosting iron and vitamin C, which produces anti-aging collagen.”

      And one sentence here:
      “Free radicals have been shown to cause alterations to collagen and elastin tissue leading to premature aging of the skin and connective tissue.”

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