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      Dr Robyn

      Jane is a funny and engaging speaker. If you have have the chance to see her speak, take it!

      The most authentic way to know if someone is telling the truth – they are only selling information, no products. (My thoughts – it’s easy to scare people into buying pills, potions, lotions and lore, especially if you promise them a magic bullet. People think, “Why not?” Jane is right – if someone is just selling information, they have no motivation to mislead you.)

      Intercellular lipids – fat in cells where it doesn’t belong – is like hair in the shower drain. You don’t decide to not shower or to move because your shower won’t drain. You don’t force the water down under pressure. You remove the hair. Do the same with the fat in the cells (by eating a plant-based diet) and your insulin and blood glucose will be fine.

      Read and re-read chapter three of the China Study (this is not her dad’s chapter)

      One of out three men and women will have heart disease. There is no reason for that to be the case.

      Your body needs cholesterol. It is the 2x4s (ie structure) of our cells.

      HDL (good cholesterol) recycles LDL (bad cholesterol). If you don’t have a lot of LDL, your body does isn’t going to make a lot of HDL to clear it.

      I found a video of her talk. Only six minutes. 100% worth watching.

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