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Dr Robyn

That is a great question Trish! For us, I think it does change the way we think about travel; whether that means for the day or even for vacation. I (Robyn) have always been annoyed about dealing with food away from home. Even before we went WFPB, I didn’t like trying to figure out what to eat. When I traveled for business it wasn’t uncommon for me to skip meals.

That said, we have found that it’s just as easy to pop into a grocery store and buy fruits/veggies and some whole-grain bread as it is to eat junk from a fast food place. And when I am at a business lunch or dinner meeting, most sit-down places will accommodate a vegan request. You can’t get away from the oil in most cases, but you can ask them to minimize it.

As for vacations, we stay in places that have a kitchen and often pack at least a few servings of oatmeal.

What has been your experience eating away from home so far?