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Dr Robyn

We love the idea of freezing foods in a bag! The would be ready to eat in a few hours. Great idea!

Another client responded via email with the idea of carry “chef cards.” See below for her full comment:

With multiple food allergies, this is a way of life for me. Away from home, I can’t take any chances of cross-contact. Carrying food, planning ahead, and carrying a chef card are all great recommendations for those with nontraditional diets.

I highly recommend carrying a chef card! It’s popular in the food allergy community. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s basically a piece of paper that states what you do and don’t wish to eat. I always keep a couple with me. Yours might look like this:

no meat or dairy products
no fats, oils, or butter

fresh produce only
all grain, seeds, nuts
all spices

Of course, mine looks a little different than this.