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Dr Robyn

Roundup in our food is a valid concern and is why we eat organic as often as it is practical. The “scare” that even organic has roundup in it is super annoying. But I had to ask myself, is worrying about it going to change anything? Is there anything I could practically do differently that would be better? This is how I think about it so it doesn’t make me crazy:
1 – Our bodies are really good at filtering out toxins, assuming we don’t overwhelm the system.
2 – The amount that might be in organic foods and the foods I eat that aren’t organic, my body is handling.
3 – If I tried to avoid all foods that might have roundup in them, I would have to avoid all plants. That would leave me with only animal products to eat, which have even more toxins, including round up.

Put more simply, I do the best I can and don’t stress about it.